30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 30 – Your journey over the last 30 days

I’ve had a mixed journey, some weeks I’ve been good and walked the dogs most days and ran 1 or 2 times a week and others I’ve only walked the dogs once or twice .  

Hopefully I can just keep trying and get into a regular routine of walking the dogs most days, run once a week and I’ve semi-retired from hockey.

30 Day Fitness Challnge

Day 26 – 5 things that you love about yourself

1 – I love how laid back I am.  Very rarely do I get stressed out 

2- I love how I’m a good guy

3 – I love how I’m still friends with people from all parts of my past

4 – I love how great a family I have

5 – I love how I don’t let money bother me, it’s just money.  At the end of the day you can’t take it with you

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 25 Favourite form of cardio 

My favourite form of cardio is running.  I love going out for a run and just forgetting everything.  Its a good way to think things through and just get my head showered.  I love using runkeeper to track my runs as this means i don’t even need to think how long or how far I run.