Almost there…

Only 5 days now until Belfast and it’ll will all be over with for another year. Big thanks to all that have sponsored me so far.  I know a few people have said they are still to give me something.  As with every year all donations are greatly appreciated.

Training as usual has been a bit mixed.  The furthest that I have ran is 15 miles, I’ve done a half marathon and my times have been generally good.  I just haven’t been out for as many runs as I would have liked to.  I did pick up a cheap exercise bike in an attempt to have something to do when the weather wasn’t good.

I’ve done a few runs this month but my 3 big runs were as follows


  • Titanic 10k, New PB 49 mins 33 secs
  • Castleward half marathon 2 hours 8 mins
  • 15 miles run 2 hours 21 mins

I didn’t realise how hilly the Castleward half marathon was going to be.  It near killed me would have liked to have done it quicker.  But when I did the 15 miler I was more like my normal pace.  I am going to try and fit in a couple of runs before Monday but if I can get just 1 I’ll be happy enough.

Don’t think this year I’ll be hitting any PBs but if I can get near to last years’ time of 4 hours 15 I’ll be happy.  I can’t be any worse than Dublin’s 4 hours 50 from October

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Training continued…. Sort off

Since last time the plan was to run the Craic 10k and the Queens 5k.  We’ll I did the Craic 10k in 51 minutes so was well pleased with that time.  I didn’t do the Queens 5k, I wouldn’t have got there in time and stayed home and ate cake.


So it was a mixed month.  I only managed to get in 4 runs this month so at least it was roughly once a week.  But with the marathon in just over a month now really need to kick on.  I have also been talking into doing part of the relay for a team in Spar.  I think I am doing the first leg (6 miles).  That’s the easy part lol.

This month I have the Titanic 10k and Castleward Half marathon to look forward to and boast my training.  I need to really be hitting double figures every week now and pushing on for the middle high teens.  Although the weather hasn’t been great, like yesterday we had sunshine, wind, rain, hail and snow.  That was just in the afternoon which doesn’t help encourage you to get out.


This is the way my training usually goes so hopefully it will be alright on the day.  Training is definitely going better than Dublin but doesn’t feel as good as last year.  Only thing that is really going to help is to go out and hit the pavement….
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Training for Belfast Marathon

My training for Belfast this year is not going well this year.  I have had more runs than this time last year but I really need to be upping my distances as the furthest I have ran so far has been 10K.  I have enough time to kick on but really need to start doing it this week.  I don’t want to say the birth of my first child Noah has got in the way.  The words free time do not go together now :( I love spending time with him, working two jobs, looking after Noah, two big dogs, a house and not to mention my wife.  I ran the Castlewellan 10k in 0:54:31 which was a good time for me, just 2 minutes of a PB.


I am doing The Spar 10K Craic on St Patrick’s Day which will help spur me on.  I am aiming to do more races this year before the marathon to help me reach my goal of a 4 hour marathon time.  If I do all these and then get a few 18 mile runs in I’ll be happy

The plan is:

  • Craic 10k – 3.15 St Patricks Day
  • Queens 5K – 25.3.15
  • Titanic 10K – 12.4.15
  • Castleward Half Marathon – 18.4.15
  • Belfast Marathon – 4.5.14 May Day

Roll on Belfast…..

Although if I get a good time will I start to think about Dublin and my terrible time last year…….
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30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 30 – Your journey over the last 30 days

I’ve had a mixed journey, some weeks I’ve been good and walked the dogs most days and ran 1 or 2 times a week and others I’ve only walked the dogs once or twice .  

Hopefully I can just keep trying and get into a regular routine of walking the dogs most days, run once a week and I’ve semi-retired from hockey.