Training for Belfast Marathon

My training for Belfast this year is not going well this year.  I have had more runs than this time last year but I really need to be upping my distances as the furthest I have ran so far has been 10K.  I have enough time to kick on but really need to start doing it this week.  I don’t want to say the birth of my first child Noah has got in the way.  The words free time do not go together now :( I love spending time with him, working two jobs, looking after Noah, two big dogs, a house and not to mention my wife.  I ran the Castlewellan 10k in 0:54:31 which was a good time for me, just 2 minutes of a PB.


I am doing The Spar 10K Craic on St Patrick’s Day which will help spur me on.  I am aiming to do more races this year before the marathon to help me reach my goal of a 4 hour marathon time.  If I do all these and then get a few 18 mile runs in I’ll be happy

The plan is:

  • Craic 10k – 3.15 St Patricks Day
  • Queens 5K – 25.3.15
  • Titanic 10K – 12.4.15
  • Castleward Half Marathon – 18.4.15
  • Belfast Marathon – 4.5.14 May Day

Roll on Belfast…..

Although if I get a good time will I start to think about Dublin and my terrible time last year…….
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30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 30 – Your journey over the last 30 days

I’ve had a mixed journey, some weeks I’ve been good and walked the dogs most days and ran 1 or 2 times a week and others I’ve only walked the dogs once or twice .  

Hopefully I can just keep trying and get into a regular routine of walking the dogs most days, run once a week and I’ve semi-retired from hockey.

30 Day Fitness Challnge

Day 26 – 5 things that you love about yourself

1 – I love how laid back I am.  Very rarely do I get stressed out 

2- I love how I’m a good guy

3 – I love how I’m still friends with people from all parts of my past

4 – I love how great a family I have

5 – I love how I don’t let money bother me, it’s just money.  At the end of the day you can’t take it with you